Nauto collects data across a diverse network of vehicles from around the world. Our AI powered dual camera analyzes collisions, detects risky driving and monitors a variety of events occurring inside and outside a vehicle. In partnering with automotive manufactures and technology companies, Nauto can share this data with those looking to better understand driver behavior, complex traffic situations and automotive patterns amongst urban, suburban and rural streets. Essentially, Nauto helps automotive manufactures and technology companies gain a leading edge on the smart car revolution.



see what Nauto Sees

Go beyond simulations with real data from the road. Nauto observes a variety of collision types and situations allowing our partners to fully comprehend the unique scenarios and edge cases necessary for making informed and complex decisions. Tap into a variety of learnings garnered from commercial fleets, municipal services, ride-sharing drivers and more. Nauto maintains data anonymization and abstraction to protect the privacy of drivers.


The onramp to Autonomous driving

While Nauto assists thousands of humans drivers today, our team recognizes the future of autonomous vehicles ahead. Our data not only helps train driver assistance systems, but helps autonomous AI platform learn from real world scenarios. Give your autonomous technology an edge by leveraging Nauto’s insights and learnings to improve your AI training simulations.


Data that meets your needs

Whether you’re looking to analyze macro trends in driver behavior or a specific driving scenario, Nauto will work closely with your team to provide you with the data you need exactly when you need it. Query existing data or work with our team to define custom triggers for the events you’re looking for.

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R&D Powered by Nauto

Our easy-to-install device can retrofit almost any vehicle, deploying at scale a cost-effective solution for data capture and review.