Meet Nauto. Technology for a safer, smarter and more connected future. Combining leading edge vehicle hardware with an ever-learning artificial intelligence platform, Nauto can make any car, a smart car. An intuitive AI-powered dual camera learns from drivers and the road alike, offering insight, guidance and even real-time feedback. More than just your virtual co-pilot, Nauto offers fleets, cities and insurers a powerful suite of tools that drive the future forward one trip at a time.


Introducing Nauto II

Our easy-install multi-sensor device learns from driver behavior, monitors vehicular activity and even tracks environmental and road conditions outside your vehicle. As an aftermarket device, Nauto can retrofit almost any model of any vehicle.

Powered by artificial intelligence, the Nauto II device detects hazardous situations and collisions automatically. HD recording and LTE connectivity ensure these important events are captured and saved to our secure cloud platform, where you'll find data, analytics and new learnings as they become available over time.

Our easy-to-install hardware analyzes driver behavior, vehicle activity, and environmental and road conditions inside and outside of the car.