As a hub for automotive, insurance and fleet industries, Nauto provides public sector partners with a wealth of knowledge applicable to a variety of municipal challenges. In deploying Nauto’s AI data platform, cities can apply the collective learning of thousands of cars on the road to urban planning, law enforcement and emergency preparedness. Nauto can make postal delivery, sanitation, emergency response and law enforcement vehicles, smart vehicles, bringing 21st century smarts to aging vehicle inventories.


Safer roads. Smarter cities

Nauto makes driving safer for everyone by connecting drivers to their vehicles and their vehicles to the world around them. In connecting drivers to a deep learning platform, Nauto helps cities and business run safe and efficiently.


Transform Urban Spaces

Nauto’s deep learning system produces real-time driver analytics that can lead to a better understanding of driving patterns within urban areas and intersections. With these insights in mind, a municipality can shift focus from risk reduction to collision prevention.


Teach old cars new tricks

Whether it’s five vehicles or five thousand, Nauto can make any municipality fleet, a smart fleet.  An easy-to-install dash camera and smart sensors analyze visual data about driver behavior, vehicular activity and even environment and road conditions.

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Nauto is designed to operate within or above all local, state, federal and international laws. Visual data is collected in aggregate and further anonymized. So while individual drivers are given direct access to their personal data to help them learn and improve, this sensitive information is not exposed directly to any municipal entity.