Device Installation


Step 1: Make sure the vehicle is off before you begin the install. Wire the Nauto power cable to a unswitched (constant hot) 12v source and a ground in the vehicle. It is very important to ensure this is unswitched power. 


NOTE: For the driver’s safety, please ensure the DC/DC converter box or wires do not get in the way of vehicle brake or accelerator control.


Step 2: Once the device wires are connected to the 12v source and ground, the Nauto device will automatically power on. You will hear a chime and see a green LED light directly under the “Nauto Logo” on the windshield mount.

NOTE: It may take one minute or more after attaching the device to the power source before you hear the chime. You will also need to view the Nauto device from outside the windshield to see this green light.

NOTE: If you do not see the green light, check all the wiring is connections to see if they are connected properly. If the green light is still not visible, contact Nauto Customer Service. If you turn on the vehicle and the device powers on, you have not connected the device to constant power and need to redo the wiring.


Step 3: Identify the best mounting location for the Nauto device on the vehicle’s windshield.

To ensure optimal performance, install the device on the driver side of the vehicle. If that is not possible, you can install on the passenger side, but try to stay close to the center as possible.

You must install the Nauto device within 10” from the center of the rear view mirror.


  • Outside the car, be sure the camera is below any metalization and outside the path of the windshield wiper.
  • Inside the car, be sure the camera is not obstructed when the sun visor is down.

If you are unable to find a good mounting location that’s within the specification above, contact Nauto Customer Service.


Step 4: Using a T4 Star Driver, tighten the screw on ONLY ONE side of the Nauto device only. This will be sufficient to lock the mount to the Nauto device. The screw you tighten will depend on where you mount it on the windshield.

  • Mounted to the left of the rear view mirror, tighten the left screw.
  • Mounted to the right of the rear view mirror, tighten the right screw.

CAUTION: Be sure to tighten only one screw. You may need to access the screw after mounting the device. If you tighten both screws, you may not be able to access the second screw because the rear view mirror may be in the way.




Step 5: On the Windshield Mount, use alcohol to clean the location where you intend to mount the device, remove the 3M tape cover, and attach the Nauto device directly to the windshield at the location you’ve selected.


NOTE: Please ensure you are satisfied with the mounting location before attaching. The 3M VHB tape is very strong and will form a tight bond once attached.


Step 6: For a visually clean installation, you can tuck the Nauto wire into the front edge of the headliner, the space between the vehicle windshield and frame.  


Step 7: Once you reach the A-pillar, remove the rubber door seal. Now you can open the A-pillar panel and hide the wires. Reattach the panel once the wires are tucked away across the pillar.


Step 8: Run the wires down the A-pillar frame.  Making sure the wire always stays on the interior side of the A pillar.  Once the wire is set, reattach the rubber door seal.



Step 9: Hide the DC/DC converter box behind panels or anywhere else in the vehicle that is out of sight.

Use the  wire label included with the device to identify the Nauto wires.



You're all set!

To confirm a successful install, have a fleet manager or other user go to and log in to their account. The vehicle you've installed in should appear on the map as well as listed in the vehicles tab.


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