Whether you manage a passenger, service, or specialty fleet, Nauto increases safety and optimizes performance for each and every one of your vehicles. Our easy-to-install dual facing camera includes an array of smart sensors that analyze driver behavior, monitor vehicular activity and track environmental conditions in real time. Combined with a perpetually learning AI, Nauto packs a powerful suite of tools into an aftermarket, cost-effective device that can reduce your fleets overall liability by as much as 25%.




Always learning, Nauto lets fleet owners tap into the collective knowledge of vehicles everywhere. From route optimization to maintenance schedules, Nauto helps you reduce costs by delivering data driven analytics and insights when and where you need it most.


the complete picture

Combining real time data with historic trends, Nauto not only shows you how your fleet is performing, but how your fleet compares with others on the road. From driver distraction to environmental conditions and everything in between, Nauto provides fleet managers with the complete picture.

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How's my driving?

VERA or Vision Enhanced Risk Assessment is a comprehensive report card for every Nauto equipped vehicle. Assess your fleet's performance, track your progress over time and compare your fleet to the Nauto driver network at large. Simply put, Nauto’s analytics and insights empower fleet managers to make meaningful staffing and data-driven operational decisions. 


Personalized Coaching

Nauto’s automated coaching system engages directly with drivers to improve their performance in real-time while providing tools for more effective coaching in-person.  Personalized coaching leads to safer roads, reduced liability and of course, improvements to your bottom line.


Secure Access Anywhere

Nauto’s end-to-end, encrypted, cloud-based platform puts a focus on both accessibility and security. Nauto is easy to install, and gives managers the ability to view their fleet’s performance instantly—and securely—across any device.


Private and Protected

Protecting our customers’ privacy is paramount to Nauto. Our secure API is fully backed by comprehensive authentication and security protocols, so the system guards the identity of drivers, passengers, fleet managers and anyone on or around the road.