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Over 400 fleets around the globe have deployed Nauto's Driver Behavior Learning Platform and achieved measurable fleet safety results:


AI-processed video miles


High-risk driving events detected



Estimated savings from potential collisions

Why Nauto?

icon for Reduce Distracted Driving

Reduce distracted driving

AI-powered In-Vehicle Alerts have reduced distracted driving frequency, duration and distance traveled by over 40%.

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Prevent collisions

With In-Vehicle Alerts and On-Demand Coaching, fleets around the world have reduced collisions and losses.

icon for Protect your drivers and brand

Protect your drivers and brand

Help exonerate your drivers from wrongful claims with AI-enabled Claims Management.

icon for Implement an effortless safety program

Implement an effortless fleet safety program

Nauto's AI has automatically improved behavior in 4 of 5 drivers, and can quickly identify your high-risk drivers.

icon for Achieve safety without surveillance

Achieve safety without surveillance

With Nauto, video is optional. Automate coaching in the cabin and maintain driver privacy.

We've had Nauto installed for less than a year and have already reduced our losses on at-fault claims by 30%.”

Brian Clark

We’ve seen an 81% reduction in collisions. We are now installing Nauto in all of our vehicles after the unbelievable results.”

Stephanie Moore

This is a life saving device that we have in our cars today.”

Michael Johnson

Nauto’s real-time distraction alerts have succeeded — we’ve seen a 70% decrease in distractions.”

Addison Lee
D&D Garage Doors
Daytona Beverages
Delivery Authority
Gulf Eagle Supply (GES)
Liberty Yellow Cab
Lucky 5 Logistics
Point Blank Distributing
Transportation Management
Yellow Checker Star Taxi

Reducing Distracted Driving with AI

Download the latest Driver Safety Study to learn how artificial intelligence can decrease the frequency, duration, and distance your commercial drivers travel while distracted.


最新の安全に関する調査をダウンロード。 ナウトのAIがいかにして商用車のドライバーのわき見運転の回数、時間、距離を削減するかをご確認ください。

Platform Overview

Understand and change driver behavior

Edge-to-cloud AI models detect, understand, and predict high-risk driving behavior and events.

AI on-the-edge detects and coaches high-risk driving behaviors

Prevent collisions before they occur

A powerful multi-sensor device equips drivers with AI to make safer decisions on the road.

Improve road safety

Nauto transforms real-world datasets into insights that can shape the future of transportation.

Street map overlaid with tracking info
Dangerous intersections
Traffic congetion

This is just the beginning.
We work with leading automakers, OEM, and AV companies to provide data, insights, and AI models that will bring the best of human driving to autonomy.

Join us in building a safer transportation future

We’re working on complex problems to save lives by improving the safety of commercial fleets today, and enabling the autonomous fleets of tomorrow.

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Ready to make real-world impact today?

“We’ve already made an incredible impact as a company, and this is largely possible because of the supportive, collaborative, and friendly culture that we’ve built at Nauto!”

Photo of Pooja Gadgil, Product Analyst at Nauto
Pooja Gadgil
Product Analyst

“There are not many companies where I would have the opportunity to turn real-world data into algorithms that help drivers around the world make safer decisions on the road. We’re doing this every day at Nauto.”

Photo of Oscar Diec, Data Engineer at Nauto
Oscar Diec
Data Engineer