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Learn Why Aggressive Driving May Not Accurately Assess Fleet Risk

A Report by Nauto & Atlas Financial Holdings, Inc.

We reviewed the driving behavior and collisions of 1,450 drivers across 17 commercial fleets, and identified three key considerations for fleet safety.

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  • Ways to save money on collision claims
  • How detecting distracted driving can help improve fleet safety
  • Which type of drivers were involved in nearly 70% of the most severe collisions
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68% of collisions are caused by distracted driving

14% increasein traffic fatalities since 2014

1 in 4 collisions caused by driver impairment from cell phone use

$4-8k average annual cost per vehiclefrom collisions to fleets

How does Nauto work?

Improving fleet safety requires full context. Nauto uses in-cabin artificial intelligence to assess the driver, vehicle and road ahead to detect and coach distracted and aggressive driving in real-time.
High-risk events captured by Nauto's intelligent driver safety system
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Our Customers

Working with medium and enterprise customers across multiple industries to enable safer and smarter fleets.

What They’re Saying

“In our initial rollout with Nauto, we saw an 81% reduction in collisions. We are now installing Nauto in all of our vehicles after the unbelievable results. There’s no denying that awareness coupled with performance management drives performance.”

Stephanie Moore

“Nauto Prevent will be a huge step in the right direction to helping our drivers be safe. Real-time distraction alerts will help all drivers to be more aware of their distraction, and to correct that distraction as it occurs.”

Russ Schafer
VP of Operations

“The Nauto system enables us to target areas which we need to retrain the drivers. Driver distraction is number one.”

Gary Tournier

“It’s the best solution out there to be proactive in safety and compliance instead of reactive.”

David Cooper
IT Director

“Starting a new company, it was essential to use Nauto to help me create a safety culture as soon as possible. Nauto is a valuable tool that helps our drivers do their job safely and protects my business, I highly recommend it.”

Juan Tetuan

“This is a life saving device that we have in our cars today.”

Michael Johnson

Improve Driver Safety with the Commercial Driver Safety Report

Learn 3 Ways to Increase Fleet Safety, Save Money, and Reduce Risk

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