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GPS Fleet Tracking and So Much More

Nauto’s multi-sensor tracking system installs in any vehicle in minutes to give you a fleet dashboard with near real-time location, speed, driver behavior, and even videos of high-risk events.

In addition to fleet tracking, the Nauto system can protect your fleet against wrongful at-fault claims and also coach your drivers to improve driver safety by reducing distracted and aggressive driving. See how with a free demo.

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Get More Than Just Fleet Visibility

Map and track your fleet

Locate vehicles to understand your drivers' route histories and see high-risk events in context

Speed and ABCs

Keep track of vehicle speed and know when acceleration, braking, and cornering events happen

Reduce losses and costs

Help drivers avoid collisions, near-misses, and traffic violations to reduce losses and lower costs

Process claims efficiently

Help drivers avoid collisions, near-misses, and traffic violations to reduce losses and lower costs

Built-in Fleet Safety Capabilities

Track your assets, protect your fleet against wrongful at-fault claims, and help your drivers avoid collisions with in-cab audible alerts

Review Trip History

Locate vehicles to understand your drivers' route histories, see high-risk events in context, or request context-rich videos of events as needed

Empower Your Drivers

Equip drivers to notify you with the push of a Mark Button and automatically upload videos of unsafe or unusual events

Streamline Claims Processing

Receive SMS or email notifications in the event of a collision, and immediately access high resolution video of the incident and other critical data for your insurer: driver name, location, and more

Get Real-Time Collision Prevention for Your Fleet

Help prevent collisions before they occur with the industry's only automated real-time alerts built with drivers in mind:

Distracted Driving

Nudge drivers to focus on the road with progressive alerts based on duration and severity of distraction events


Coach drivers in real-time to maintain safe following distances to avoid unnecessary collisions

High Risk Warnings

Alert drivers when it matters most: when they're distracted and risks are present in the road ahead

In-Cab Driver Alerts + Context-Rich Coaching

Get in-cab audible alerts to help prevent collisions, along with video to help coach drivers with full context — driver, vehicle and the road ahead — to improve driver safety performance

Coach High-Risk Drivers

Easily identify high-risk drivers using the VERA Score™ and personalized driver insights to prioritize coachable opportunities and reduce distracted and aggressive driving

Reward Safe Driving

Leverage driver and vehicle reports as leaderboards to reward your safest drivers and incentivize others to improve their performance

Actionable Fleet Safety Insights

Quickly assess the safety of your fleet using Nauto’s proprietary VERA Score™ — the industry's only safety score that automatically incorporates distracted and aggressive driving

Fleets of All Sizes Trust Nauto for Vehicle Tracking & Driver Safety

Working with customers of all sizes and across multiple industries to enable safer and smarter fleets.

What They’re Saying

“In our initial rollout with Nauto, we saw an 81% reduction in collisions. We are now installing Nauto in all of our vehicles after the unbelievable results. There’s no denying that awareness coupled with performance management drives performance.”

Stephanie Moore

“Nauto Prevent will be a huge step in the right direction to helping our drivers be safe. Real-time distraction alerts will help all drivers to be more aware of their distraction, and to correct that distraction as it occurs.”

Russ Schafer
VP of Operations

“The Nauto system enables us to target areas which we need to retrain the drivers. Driver distraction is number one.”

Gary Tournier

“It’s the best solution out there to be proactive in safety and compliance instead of reactive.”

David Cooper
IT Director

“Starting a new company, it was essential to use Nauto to help me create a safety culture as soon as possible. Nauto is a valuable tool that helps our drivers do their job safely and protects my business, I highly recommend it.”

Juan Tetuan

“This is a life saving device that we have in our cars today.”

Michael Johnson

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