Nauto Dashboard Guide

Thank you for partnering with Nauto. We look forward to working together to help you keep your drivers safe and manage your fleet effectively. Once you've installed your Nauto devices, our online dashboard allows you to access video, insights, and other data about your fleet.

The Nauto dashboard can be found at
There is also a login button in the top right of

Before you start using the dashboard

  1. Install your Nauto devices (If you are self-installing Nauto, refer to the our Install Guide. If not, your Nauto onboarding contact will coordinate device install solution with you.)
  2. Ensure you have activated your Nauto user account. You can activate your account via an email link sent from Nauto at the time of purchase. Your onboarding contact will ensure that activation emails are sent to the right members of your fleet team.
  3. Ensure you are using a modern browser. We support Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Log in

Log in with your email address and the password you set up. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking "Forgot your password?"

The map page provides a view of where your Nauto equipped vehicles are right now. Nauto detects a vehicle's current activity.

Locating a driver or vehicle

To look up a driver's location, type their name in the search box in the top left. Click on the row in the left sidebar to center the map on their location. A popup will reveal their exact address as well. You can also search by vehicle name to find that vehicle.

Vehicle States

Vehicles on the map are represented with colored points. The color of the point indicates the current state of the vehicle

Green - Moving - the vehicle is  currently driving.
Grey - Stopped - the vehicle is not driving, but may be idle.
Blue - Parked - The vehicle is parked.
Orange - Signal lost - the Nauto device in this vehicle is disconnected from LTE. When this vehicle returns to an area with LTE coverage, the location and state will update.


Events are noteworthy incidents on the road. While the Nauto records and retains the previous 12 hours of video locally, it only uploads footage to the cloud when an event trigger occurs or is requested.

View an event

Clicking on an row allows will open event details and a video player in a popup.

The following events are triggered by risky driver behavior:

Other events are manually triggered:

Filtering Events

Events can be filtered by driver, vehicle, and type via the filter bar.


The driver page contains a list of all drivers Nauto has seen. Click any drivers row to view details for that driver.

VERA score

VERA (or Vision Enhanced Risk Assessment) is a ranking of driver safety based on their behavior on the road. Risky behavior and more generated events result in a lower score. Drivers are sorted by Vera score and can be sorted by score improvement as well.

Tagging Drivers

Nauto uses facial recognition in order to determine who is driving which vehicle at what time and accurately evaluate driver performance and safely based on their driving.

When a new driver is detected, you will receive a notification in the upper right corner of the navigation bar.

On the Tag Drivers page, you'll see a picture of unrecognized driver's face. If the unrecognized driver is driving with Nauto for the first time, click add new Driver to add their name to Nauto's system.

Sometimes a driver who you have already tagged before will appear as an unrecognized driver. If this is the case, just start typing the name of the driver, and click on their name from the list that will appear.


The vehicles page lists all vehicles with Nauto devices installed in them. Vehicles are added to this list through the Installer App. (Learn more in our Install Guide)

Click the action menu to the right of a vehicle row for options.

Requesting Video

Select Request Video in the action menu to go to the video request form.

To request a video, first input the time of the footage you would like to retrieve. A map preview will confirm that the vehicle was active, and the Nauto device was likely recording, or inform you that the vehicle was parked, in which case it was not recording.

If video is available, click, Request this Video in the bottom right to initiate the request.