Install Guide

Before Installation

1. What is Nauto?

Nauto is a smart camera device and platform powered by artificial intelligence that makes any car, driver, or passenger safer and smarter. Nauto gives a complete picture of what’s happening inside the car or out on the road and learns from drivers and events in real time so it can help prevent collisions and improve driver performance. Fleet managers can use Nauto’s dashboard to get a user-friendly view of its drivers, as well as events that may occur inside or outside of each fleet vehicle. And Nauto can also protect drivers from wrongful liability by automatically tagging collisions or even near-misses out on the road.

2. Setup

Components found in the box

  1. A. Event Mark Button
  2. B. Windshield Mount
  3. C. Nauto Device
  4. D. DC/DC Converter
  5. E. Privacy Sticker (Optional)
  6. G. Power Cable

Components shipped separately

Required Tools

  1. T5 Torx Driver
  2. Soldering equipment
  3. Multimeter
  4. Wire tape
  5. Spudger


1. Power Connection

Black :  Ground (Connect to a known good ground source)

White: 12v Constant (Connect this wire to a circuit that has power at all times)

1) Strip the insulation from the constant power wire, being careful not to damage the wire itself

2) Place a hole through the exposed wire.

‍‍3) Wrap, close and solder the power cable and the fuse together.

‍4) Pull back over wrap. Protect the wires with electrical tape and a zip-tie.

2. Register a device and vehicle via the Installer app

The Nauto InstallerApp is required for every installation. If you do not have login information, please contact Nauto Support at (888) 628-8690. It is not possible to complete the installation without access to the InstallerApp.

Download the Nauto Installer App using links below. You can also look for it using the keyword "Nauto Installer".

Download the Android app

Download here

Scan this code for Android download

Download the iOS app

Download here

Scan this code for iOS download

Open the Nauto Installer App and log in with your Nauto account.Select the fleet that you are currently installing in.You will be prompted to enter or scan the Serial Number of the device you are installing. The serial number starts with a “G” and wraps around the QR codeOn the next screen enter the VIN, License Plate Number, and Vehicle Name or ID. The vehicle name is likely printed clearly on the hood or door. Confirm with the fleet manager what identifier they would like you to input here.Once the above steps are complete, you should reach the Ready for Install page.

Location of Serial number to scan

3. Connect the power cable to the Nauto device

Connect the 9v Nauto Power Cable to the Nauto Device and ensure the square block on the cable goes inside of the Nauto Device.

Link the other end of the Power Cable to the in-line fuse.

4. Connect the in-line fuse to the DC/DC converter

Connect the in-line fuse (shipped separately) to the DC/DC Connector as shown below:

5. Attach the windshield mount to the Nauto device

Attach the Windshield Mount on the Nauto device. Once they are lined up slide the mount forward to lock in place. Do not tighten either of the screws yet.

6. Powering up the Nauto device

Make sure the vehicle is off before you begin the install.

Wire the Nauto power cable to a constant hot, 12v source and a ground in the vehicle. It is very important to ensure it is not switched power.

Once the device wires are connected to the 12v source, the Nauto device will automatically power on. You will hear a chime and see a green LED light directly under the “Nauto Logo” on the windshield mount.

NOTE: It may take one minute or more after attaching the device to the power source before you hear the chime. You will also need to view the Nauto device from outside the windshield to see this green light

If you do not see the green light, check your wiring connections. If the green light is still not visible, turn on the vehicle. If the light now becomes visible, you have no connected the device to constant power and need to redo the wiring.

On Initial power up the LED’s on the side of the inside camera will:

  1. Initially come on RED until you hear the boot up chime
  2. Next they will turn on solid BLUE indicating it is running self diagnostics
  3. Initially come on RED until you hear the boot up chime
  4. After that they will go on GREEN to indicate the device is working or RED to indicate the device is not working

ORANGE lights mean the device can’t connect to LTE. The car should be moved outside so network can be reached, but the install can still be done without LTE coverage.

7. Plan your mounting location

To ensure optimal performance, install the device on the driver side of the vehicle. If that is not possible, you can install on the passenger side, but try to stay close to the center as possible as shown below:

For right lane driving:

For left lane driving (UK, Ireland, etc):

8. Mounting the Nauto 2

Using a T5 Torx Driver, tighten the screw on ONLY ONE side of the Nauto device. This will be sufficient to lock the mount to the Nauto device. The screw you tighten will depend on where you mount it on the windshield.

9. Confirming location and functionality with the app

Go back to the Nauto App. Sit in the driver’s seat and follow the steps on the app.

Compare the images on the app against the images below and change the camera location until view is correct.

10. Final mounting of Nauto 2 device

Use alcohol to clean the location where you intend to mount the device.

Remove the 3M tape cover, and attach the device to the windshield in the location you selected. The device has to be perfectly straight, not tilted in any way.

Ensure you have the correct location before attaching. The 3M VHB tape is very strong &will form a tight bond once attached

Using the spudger, hide the wires on top of the windshield and along the door. Cables should not obstruct the driver’s view or movements.

If the device has to be taken off the windshield, do not stick it back on with the same windshield bracket. The device won't stick. Contact support to get a new bracket.

11. Mark button installation

Turn on the Mark Button with the power switch under it.

You will see an alternating green and red flashing light when you turn on the mark button. When the flashing stops, press the silver center and you will hear a chime from the Nauto device confirming it is paired correctly. If it does not chime, wait a minute and press the silver center again.

The Mark Button using Velcro and stickers.

First, confirm the install location of the button with the fleet manager.

Then, stick the Velcro with a perforation against the bottom of the mark button, making sure the power switch is accessible.

Stick the other round Velcro to the chosen location on the dashboard.

Finally, attach the two Velcro together so the Button stays on the dashboard.

11. Labels and Stickers

Cable Identifier Label

In the box, there will be a cable identifier label that you should wrap round the power cable close to the power source.

Privacy Sticker

If there are round privacy stickers in the box, please place one on each of the back passenger windows of the vehicle.