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NAUTO is building the onramp to an autonomous driving future with an artificial intelligence-powered connected camera network and smart cloud system.

NAUTO observes, learns and makes driving safer, easier and more efficient today.

Nauto on mobile

NAUTO for Fleets & Professional Drivers

NAUTO’s connected camera network and artificial intelligence-driven smart cloud helps prevent accidents before they happen, reduces false liability claims and provides valuable coaching to improve driver performance.

Get the full, contextual picture

NAUTO uses artificial intelligence to understand the road context in real time. Unlike vehicles using static dash cameras, a NAUTO-enabled vehicle becomes part of a network that is constantly learning how to reduce risks - giving fleet managers instant notifications and video records before even riskier situations happen.

Improve Driver Performance

NAUTO takes a holistic approach to driver safety by tracking driver actions and attention. Unlike systems based only on GPS, NAUTO can detect driver distraction — the #1 cause of accidents — and near misses that evade other systems. Nauto can identify dangers and alert the driver, and provide coaching and feedback at the end of trips.

Reduce Liability

Real-time sensors and visual data help fleet managers detect and understand the cause of accidents and reduce false liability claims.

For more information, please contact us at fleets@nauto.com

Nauto for insurance

NAUTO for Insurance

NAUTO’s artificial intelligence-driven connected camera and smart-cloud provide auto insurers a complete, context-rich picture of driver behavior and fleet risk, in real-time. NAUTO detects driver attention, coaches drivers and warns of collisions, keeps fleet managers in touch with their drivers and helps them optimize vehicle deployment.

Fine-tune risk measurement and reduce losses

NAUTO's algorithms provide 5X more risk differentiation between the best and the worst drivers. Our data set records near-misses, driver distraction, tailgating, and detects how drivers respond to the road, signs, traffic and other events, providing insight into root causes of a crash. With NAUTO, carriers can dramatically improve micro-segmentation in underwriting, develop new usage-based insurance models and improve combined ratios.

Improve claims handling

NAUTO's instant-upload video telemetry speeds first notice of loss handling, claims segmentation and prevents fraud.

Coaching and Feedback Programs

NAUTO's tailored coaching and training program improves driver behavior to reduce risk.

Targeted acquisition and retention initiatives

NAUTO enables insurance product development for specific customer segments such as teenage or mature drivers and improves commercial fleet operations and retention.

Distributed data cluster architecture

NAUTO’s platform makes it easy to work with structured data for easy analysis.

NAUTO is actively working with select auto insurers on deployment. To learn more, please contact us at insurance@nauto.com

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