Nauto is a Palo Alto, California based transportation technology company whose AI-powered network of vehicles is creating a safer, smarter and more connected future today. Our intelligent vehicle hardware saves lives by preventing collisions, improving driver behavior, and learning from the diverse data shared across our network. We envision a future where people and artificial intelligence work together to share the road, learning from each other with every journey travelled. 

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Nauto is always learning from data shared across thousands of vehicles. This data can be used to provide updates to individual drivers about environmental conditions and common risky areas. Always Learning Connect 3 Real Driver Insight Nauto's safety reports include video footage to help you identify risky behavior and improve a variety of skills. Real-time In-Car Alerts Nauto’s alert systems is context aware, which means it only steps in when you really need it to Nauto improves driving, both offline and in real time. Analyze 2 Context Awareness Nauto analyzes situations contexutally differentiating safe and unsafe driving at every turn ! Interior smart camera Detects unsafe behavior including distraction like phone use, drowsiness and more Outward smart camera Detects objects and learns from the environment around your vehicle Collect 1 Nauto learns your vehicle and the world around it inside and out.

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