Rethinking Transportation Safety

Nauto is building a data platform for autonomous mobility that makes driving safer and fleets smarter.

Our Journey

Since our founding in April 2015, Nauto has asserted that the path to autonomy begins with helping and learning from real drivers. Since then, our Palo Alto based team has been working every day towards a common goal of transforming transportation and saving lives.  The roadmap below outlines our path to making this a reality.

Deploy our devices globally

Nauto’s after-market devices provide personalized feedback to fleets and their drivers, reducing collisions and saving lives worldwide.

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Collect powerful data

Using advanced computer vision and machine learning, each and every Nauto device is collecting data from the road and the world surrounding it. Our data is then aggregated and anonymized with respect to drivers and their privacy.

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Understand the world around us

By learning from our data in the aggregate, we can better understand how real people drive, uncovering trends, challenges, and edge cases across our network of fleets. Most importantly, this data can be used to model and train autonomous systems.

Power the autonomous solutions of tomorrow

Autonomous driving has the potential to save thousands of lives, revolutionize industries, and change the way we navigate the world. Together, with our partners across the automotive, insurance, and municipal sectors, we’re working to drive the future of transportation forward one Nauto powered vehicle at a time.

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