Manager-Led Coaching

Focus your efforts on the fleet drivers who need help most.

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Scalable driver training

Nauto's Manager-Led Coaching allows safety and fleet managers to prioritize drivers that need immediate or additional training and equips them with the tools to hold effective, efficient and productive 1:1 driver training sessions to maximize their time and the behavior change impact on the driver.

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Identify coachable events

Prioritize high-risk events and document driver training discussions for accountability

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Reduce collisions

Detect prohibited activities and distracted driving across your fleet

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Quick reporting

Develop safety program metrics for easy tracking and accountability

You can’t coach what you can’t see

Other solutions can potentially miss over 70% of high-risk events that Nauto detects.
See the complete picture with Nauto's AI dash cam video.

Driver behavior

Distracted driving

Stereo & infotainment
Cell phone & tablet

Exterior hazard


Vehicle movement


Impactful driver coaching

Unlike traditional video-telematics solutions that rely on after-the-fact coaching, Nauto provides real-time AI-assisted driver-to-trip assignment, prioritized and guided workflows, and on-demand video and critical data for coachable events.

Screenshot of Nauto VERA Score 3.0

Driver risk scoring

Nauto Visually Enhanced Risk Assessment (VERA) summarizes all driving events and behaviors into one score and provides a simple way to keep track of your drivers’ safe driving over time.

Nauto Advanced Event Details screen

Breakdown of every risk event

Nauto Advanced Event Details gives fleet managers full understanding of every risk event to inform driver management, aid in coaching sessions, and complete context to expedite the claims management process.

Enforce fleet policies at scale

Reduce risk of collision and financial penalty with AI-enabled detection of prohibited driver activity.

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Nauto is the only solution that’s both proactive and provides the context needed to provide real-time and effective coaching. It is by far the best AI safety platform I’ve seen on the market.”

John Ufheil
EVP of Strategic Planning & Business Advancement and Co-owner
Daytona Beverages