Nauto® Predictive Collision Alerts

Nauto solution can provide drivers with additional warning time beyond what ADAS systems¹ can do by understanding when a driver is distracted.

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Collision Avoidance System

Nauto’s proprietary AI and data analytics models are designed to simultaneously synthesize critical inputs to identify and alert drivers of imminent collisions in real-time.

Critical Input: Traffic Elements

Avoid imminent collisions

Your safest drivers are constantly scanning the road for imminent risks. Predictive Collision Alerts can help all of your drivers anticipate risks caused by other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, changing lights, etc.

Critical Input: vehicle movement

Alert your drivers with context

In-vehicle alerts should be smart. Nauto's collision avoidance system is designed to take active braking, vehicle speed, and other vehicle movement to alert drivers when it matters most.

Critical Input: Driver Behavior

Equip your drivers to react

Drivers can only make safe decisions when they’re attentive. Predictive Collision Alerts simultaneously assess driver behavior to help provide distracted drivers with twice as much reaction time.²

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Cell phone use
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Driver looking left
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Critical Input: Contextual Data

Adapt to your drivers’ needs

Finally, a collision avoidance system designed to improve over time as Nauto’s multi-task Convolutional Neural Networks model evolve and learn from critical contextual data.

Sample contextual data:

・ Time of day
・ Time of year
・ Weather conditions 
・ Road condition
・ Construction zone
・ Traffic speed
・ Traffic patterns
・ Historical collision trends
・ Vehicle load
・ Driver history
・ Driver behavior impact
・ Delivery/service route
The Result

Double your drivers’ reaction times

Predictive Collision Alerts could give drivers as much as 100 extra feet to react to a potential collision when traveling at 60 mph.²

Designed to work like the human brain

Nauto continuously synthesizes inputs from in and around the vehicle to determine levels of collision risk. As the detected risk intensifies, Predictive Collision Alerts signal the driver to take action with increasing levels of urgency.

Predictive Collision Avoidance System

Avoid collisions from every angle

Pepin Reduces Rear-End Collisions

We evaluated multiple AI-powered products to support our commitment to driver safety. We expect Predictive Collision Alerts to further reduce our number of rear-end collisions.

Greg McLeod
Pepin Distributing

Predictive Collision Alerts by the numbers


Reaction time to help avoid a potential collision at 60 mph²


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