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Self-Guided Coaching

Equip drivers with tools to improve your driver safety program.

Fleet safety without sacrificing privacy

Coach without manager intervention

With the power of AI, driver alerts can improve driver behavior without supervision.

Video to coach, not monitor

We don’t believe in livestreams. Only high-risk events are automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Make drivers active participants in your fleet safety program

Help protect your drivers with the press of a button

Give fleet drivers the power to upload dash cam footage and notify managers from the driver’s seat

And, leverage On-Demand Video Requests to help combat wrongful claims

Let them guide their coaching

Self-Guided Coaching improves behavior before formal driver training is needed.

Fleet Driver App VERA Driver Score

Remove the roadblocks

Build trust with fleet drivers with full transparency of uploaded dash cam videos.

Fleet Driver App Distracted Driver Video
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This is a life saving device that we have in our cars today.”

Michael Johnson
Driver, Transportation Management Corp.

Self-Guided Coaching is required, but not enough

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Claims Management

Help reduce claims handling costs with faster and smarter notification and management.

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In-Vehicle Alerts

Help reduce operational and insurance costs associated with collisions by preventing them at the source.

Icon for On-Demand Coaching

On-Demand Coaching

Identify and manage your high-risk drivers to better manage overall fleet risk.