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Self-Guided Coaching

Equip drivers with tools to improve your driver safety program.

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Let them drive their coaching

Nauto gives fleet drivers unparalleled access to their safety scores and event videos to self-coach and improve their behavior before formal driver training is needed.

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Increase adoption

Build trust by protecting driver privacy and allowing drivers to self-coach

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Promote transparency

Give fleet drivers full transparency into uploaded dash cam videos

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Empower drivers

Deliver drivers the right information at the right time so they can improve behavior

Fleet safety without sacrificing privacy

Coach without manager intervention

AI driver alert system improves driver behavior without supervision

Video to coach, not monitor

We don’t believe in live streaming or unannounced drop-ins. Only high-risk events are automatically uploaded to the cloud.1

A fully transparent fleet driver app

By providing drivers with equal visibility into their driving behavior as their fleet managers, Self-Guided Coaching equips drivers to improve their behavior without the intervention of a manager, reduce loss, and streamline fleet operations.

Personalized driver insights

Drivers can quickly assess and track their safe driving behavior over time with Nauto's proprietary VERA Score™.

Driver App Insights for Self-Coaching screen 2Driver App Insights for Self-Coaching
Driver App to Grow Fleet Safety screen 2Driver App to Grow Fleet Safety

Grow your safety culture

Build driver trust and engagement with unparalleled access to high-risk and driver-initiated video events.

Historical trip details

Access insights and context for every driving trip with location, time, and detected events.

Fleet App Trip Details for Self-Coaching screen 2Fleet App Trip Details for Self-Coaching

Fleet Safety eBook

Discover 4 ways to measurably reduce the quantity and severity of collisions in your fleet.

Cover of the Roadmap for Improving Fleet Safety eBook