Driver Behavior Alerts

Reduce operational and insurance costs associated with collisions by preventing distracted and drowsy driving.

Distracted CDL fleet driver alerted by Nauto
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Say goodbye to distracted driving

Nauto enables fleets to scale traditional ride-alongs to every driver—every day—by continuously watching, notifying, and nudging drivers to focus on the road, maintain safe following distances, and travel at safe speeds.

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Reduce collisions

Lower claims costs with a driver alert system to avoiding collisions before they occur

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Increase safety

Improve distracted and drowsy driver behavior with self-guided driver coaching

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Improve vehicle uptime

Reduce incident reporting and maintenance costs by keeping vehicles out of the shop

A real-time driver alert and risk assessment system

Why Nauto vs. traditional FCW systems?

Predict in real-time

Assess complete, real-time risks from driver behavior, traffic elements, vehicle movements, and critical contextual data

Prevent collisions

Alert drivers and help them take action before incidents occur—not after

Save costs and lives

Reduce operational costs, lower insurance spend, achieve safety metrics, exonerate drivers, and save lives

Complete AI-enabled driver alert system

Reduce distracted driving with AI

Learn how artificial intelligence can decrease the frequency, duration, and distance your commercial drivers travel while distracted.

Reduce Distracted Driving with AI Infographic