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4 Ways AI Can Improve Driver Safety

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According to National Safety Council estimates, the U.S. saw a 20% jump in motor vehicle death rates in the first six months of 2020, despite quarantines, the highest jump for a six-month period since 1999. This is a true indicator of how safely drivers are using the roadways and why keeping commercial fleet drivers and bystanders safe on the road is becoming a bigger and more costly challenge for many fleet managers and safety leaders. 

National Safety Council Preliminary Death Estimates for 2020
National Safety Council preliminary death estimates for 2020 -  20% increase in first 6 months

To date, there have been limited solutions in the market that meet fleet owners’ needs. New technologies powered by artificial intelligence (AI), however, can help fleets understand and coach drivers in real-time while maintaining driver privacy. With this new breed of AI driver and fleet safety solutions, fleets are able to become safer and smarter, keeping drivers safe behind the wheel, vehicles on the road, and liability claims at a minimum.

Here are 4 ways you can improve driver safety in your fleets by using Nauto’s AI-powered fleet safety solution.

1. Stop Collisions at the Source 

Distracted driving comes in a variety of forms: texting, phone calls, eating, drowsiness, or even reviewing paperwork. Helping commercial drivers stop distracted driving is critical to road safety. Fleet managers do not have the time to ride along with every driver, but they can rely on a driver and fleet safety platform that detects distracted driving the moment it occurs and coaches drivers to return their focus to the road — all in real-time.

2. Identify and Coach High-Risk Drivers

When managers understand the full context of risky events, they are better able to coach drivers. They have multiple resources available to them. Not only do automated driver alerts help drivers focus on the road in real-time, managers also have access to cloud-based video and associated event data, such as speed, location, severity, and driver. When handled proactively, a manager can turn the distracted driving behaviors, safety scores, and real world, high-risk events into a coachable moment that will help the driver avoid danger in future situations. 

3.  Reward and Incentivize Drivers

To further raise overall fleet performance, fleet managers can create incentive programs that make drivers push themselves to be better, improve ranking, and be more aware of what they are doing every day in their vehicles. Fleet managers can compare both individual and team performance, as well as that of similar fleets to help them in analyzing weekly, monthly, and annual reports.

4.  Build a Brand Recognized for Safe Driving

Having a stellar safety record and making driver safety a core value of your organization can help build a brand that recruits and retains drivers and keeps customers coming back again and again.The fleet wins when it has more vehicles on the road than in the shop and fewer claims to process. A safety-first fleet can differentiate itself from competitors by making its safe-driving records public and forming relationships defined by long-term trust and loyalty. 

When a fleet has the right resources and vehicle technology, preventing distracted and aggressive driving is an achievable goal. The Nauto Driver and Fleet Safety Platform is the only in-vehicle technology leveraging multi-tasked convolutional neural network models to simultaneously assess complete, real-time risk from driver behavior, traffic elements, vehicle movement, and critical contextual data to predict and prevent high-risk driving events—to help commercial fleets save money and save lives.

To learn more about improving driver safety in your fleets, download our Fleet Safety ebook today!

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