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Advanced Event Details for Enhanced Incident Visibility

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As a fleet professional, it’s your responsibility to understand and assess fleet risk. Afterall, your drivers are your most valuable asset and you can’t help improve their performance without complete visibility into their risky driving events. 

Advanced Event Details for Enhanced Visibility 

With Advanced Event Details, Nauto provides video footage with contextual information to keep you fully informed. You have access to a comprehensive synthesis of all relevant data points that help you to recreate what occurred when a risky driving behavior or collision is detected.  As part of the Manager-Led Coaching and Claims Management workflows, Advanced Event Details is a foundational element of effective fleet management.

What information does Advanced Event Details provide?

In addition to video footage, the following data points are displayed when applicable along a time sequenced segment:

  • G-force (average across event)
  • Speed
  • In-vehicle alerts 
  • Driver state such as distraction, tailgating & hard brake
  • Trip details (driver, vehicle, location, time and date)
  • Map View 
  • Incident report

Integrating your Management, Coaching and Claims Workflows

  • Nauto provides fleet professionals with a complete breakdown of every risk event to aid in coaching sessions for better driver management.  
  • Together with Nauto’s Manager-Led Coaching Workflows, you can track and document notes regarding driver performance and progress, enabling you to consolidate all valuable driver information in one place so your driver data isnt siloed across multiple systems. 
  • Advanced Event Details will help to expedite the claims management process, saving you both time and money. 
  • In addition, when a collision occurs, you can utilize the Incident Report for accurate and timely insurance notification. 

What’s next?

At Nauto, we’re always striving to reduce collisions, improve fleet performance, and save lives. With our AI data and customer feedback in mind, we will continue to make innovations and provide first-to-market solutions for the most effective and comprehensive fleet and driver safety platform. Learn more

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