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Driver Coaching Simplified

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Fleet managers and safety leaders know how important improving driver behavior and enforcing consistent policies are when it comes to improving the safety of their fleets and reducing collisions and claim costs. However, driver coaching has become a daunting and complex task for most and is keeping them up at night. There's no need to lose any more sleep over driver coaching! Nauto has been guiding the world’s largest fleets in optimizing their driver coaching and training programs and we’re about to share how we have simplified the coaching process for an efficient and effective driver safety program.

Why is driver coaching so complicated?

Many fleet managers and safety leaders are struggling with the scalability and effectiveness of one-on-one driver coaching as their fleets grow. They are realizing that they don’t have the right fleet safety tools to maximize the effectiveness of their driver coaching and don't have the metrics to improve their coaching skills and the behavior impact on the driver.  

What makes a successful driver coaching program?

An effective driver coaching program is one that engages in quality input, provides supportive and constructive conversation, and establishes a clear commitment plan. A successful coaching program is grounded in coaching best practices that promote two-way communication and an environment where the driver feels supported and not under attack. 

How to Simplify Your Driver Coaching Program

Nauto’s simplified driver coaching process is built around a curation of real-time AI metrics and workflows to help fleet and safety managers develop a driver coaching program centered on three key priorities:

1. Prioritization of Coaching Principles

It is important to define and develop your driver coaching program around these industry best practices for effective coaching.

  • Praise - Start and end with praise.   
  • Ask Why - Understand your drivers’ motivation for risky behavior (e.g., late for a scheduled appointment) and check for their awareness of expectations and policies.  
  • Listen - Give your driver the time to fully explain; do not challenge them while they are answering your questions.
  • Commit - Agree to fixes when necessary (e.g., change scheduling).
  • Provide Feedback - Discuss the potential consequences of “At Risk” behaviors and agree to safe behaviors.

2. Prioritization of Drivers for Training -

You must be able to quickly identify the drivers that need training in order to reduce incidents and improve your overall safety program. Nauto provides proactive real-time metrics that measure individual driver performance that can be used for prioritizing drivers for coaching. Our Manager-Led Coaching uses a VERA® (Visually Enhanced Risk Assessment) safety score for evaluating driver performance *and* provides a Safety Assessment to show how drivers are performing with statistics. The assessment identifies “At Risk” drivers that need coaching so you don’t have to spend a lot of time digging through your account data. 

VERA Safety Scores for Driver Coaching
Easily accessible VERA® safety score that is used to evaluate driver performance. 


Safety Assessment to Prioritize Driver Coaching Needs
Safety Assessment statistics for identifying the drivers that need coaching

3. Prioritization of Coachable Opportunities

The Nauto Coaching Dashboard within our Manager-Led Coaching solution sorts every driver with coachable events in descending order based on their VERA® score. Nauto provides real-time AI-assisted driver trip history, prioritized and guided workflows, access to On-Demand Video, and critical data for all coachable events to make the actual coaching session as productive and effective as possible.

Coaching Workflow for Effective Driver Training
Coaching Dashboard provides insights and prioritizes all coachable driver events

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