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End Distracted Driving Now

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Safety Council postponed the observance of Distracted Driving Awareness Month from April to October 2020. The NSC reports on a typical day, more than 700 people are injured in distracted driving crashes. So in honor of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, we would like to help you end distracted driving in your fleets now! 

What is Distracted Driving?

In general, a distraction is anything that inhibits a person from paying full attention to the primary task at hand. In the case of distracted driving, this means a person is not fully engaged in the driving task and is unable to adequately respond to changes in the driving environment, which can lead to catastrophic consequences. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distractions typically fall into three categories:

How to End Distracted Driving and Reduce Collisions

Reducing distracted driving and fleet collisions requires more than safety policies, traditional driver training, and physics-based ADAS systems. That’s why Nauto is committed to ending distracting driving with these AI-powered solutions:

  • Driver Behavior Alerts - addresses driver behavior and visual distraction by continuously processing images from the interior AI sensor to analyze facial movements and detect unsafe driver behavior and alert drivers in real-time. These behaviors include instances when a driver is looking down for a period of time long enough to lose situational awareness of the forward driving scene like drowsy driving, talking on a cell phone, texting, reading paperwork or programming an in-vehicle infotainment system.
  • Predictive Collision Alerts - the industries first collision avoidance system to use AI and data analytics to simultaneously fuse critical inputs like active braking, vehicle speed, and other vehicle movements to alert drivers while simultaneously assessing driver behavior to help provide distracted drivers with twice as much reaction time when they need it most -- before accidents can happen.

How Predictive Collision Alerts Work

Nauto deploys an AI dash cam in the vehicle to continuously capture and analyze sensor data from driver behaviors, exterior hazards, and vehicle movement in real-time. By fusing data from an array of sensors in real-time and comparing against insights derived from over 800 million AI-analyzed video miles and billions of telemetry data points, Nauto can instantly advise drivers to take action and prevent collisions before they happen. While your safest drivers are constantly scanning the road for imminent risks, Predictive Collision Alerts can help ALL of your drivers anticipate risks caused by other drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, changing lights, etc.

Watch this short, two-minute video to see Predictive Collision Alerts in action

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