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Introducing Functional Reports

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We recognize you need to quickly access insights and data on your fleet safety. This is why we’re excited to introduce Functional Reports -- designed for your reporting needs and specific to the data you are looking for. Whether you’re a fleet manager, director of safety, or a risk analyst you can now quickly access reports that pertain to your functional area.    

Which reports are included in Functional Reports?

This batch of reports include the following:

  • Collision 
  • At-risk
  • Top performing
  • Policy violations
  • Device health
  • Custom

Gain deeper insights and streamline workflows with Functional Reports

In addition to faster access to important data, the Functional Reports are designed to streamline your claims management and driver management workflows. More specifically: 

  • We created the Collision report to facilitate a better experience in claims processing and collision audit.  It also provides an overview on how many collisions occur during any given time period broken down by group.
  • At-risk and Top performing reports give you immediate understanding which drivers are at risk and which drivers are your best performers.
  • The Policy violations report aggregates all detected policy violations organized by driver.
  • The Device health report shows the status of every Nauto device installed in your fleet.
  • The Custom report provides all of the safety data from your fleet organized by groups, drivers, or vehicles.  

What’s next?

At Nauto, we’re always striving to reduce collisions, improve fleet performance, and save lives. With our AI data and customer feedback in mind, we will continue to make innovations and provide first-to-market solutions for the most effective and comprehensive fleet and driver safety platform.
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