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Distracted Driving

Launching Nauto's (naut)Distracted! Podcast Series

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To continue the momentum of Distracted Driving Awareness Month last month and solidify our mission to end distracted driving, we are proudly launching (naut)Distracted!, a new monthly fleet safety podcast series showcasing thought leaders, timely topics, and notable industry experts focused on driver and fleet safety. New podcast episodes will be available on (naut)Distracted! every month, starting on Monday, November 16, 2020.

Episode 1: The Data Behind Distracted Driving

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Guest Speakers

Dr. David Strayer and Dr. Stefan Heck

Episode Synopsis

As pandemic lockdowns spread across the nation, so did the false notion that drivers are safe on the road. While many non-essential workers found themselves stuck at home for months, a new trend emerged on our streets and highways: drivers traveling at alarming speeds. That, coupled with the unexpected increase in distracted driving has proven to be a fatal mix. In early 2020, the nation saw a surge in deadly accidents.

This episode of (naut)Distracted! explores:

  • The latest research on how attention is impacted by multitasking and the demands it places on the brain, especially as it relates to complex tasks like driving
  • How stressors can weaken our cognitive ability to perform and stay focused on tasks
  • Theories and thoughts on why distracted driving is on the rise 
  • Why and how AI is enabling safer driving with real-time prevention
  • Steps that Fleet Managers and Drivers can take to reduce distracted behaviors on the road  

Don’t miss this interactive discussion between Dr. David Strayer, Professor of Cognition and Neural Science at the University of Utah and Dr. Stefan Heck, CEO and Founder of Nauto. Podcast moderated by John Bruggeman, CMO of Nauto.

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