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Nauto Announces Collaboration with BrightDrop to Bring Advanced Safety Technology to Last-Mile Commercial Fleet Customers

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Collaboration brings proven collision reduction solution to last-mile customers  

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Nauto®, a leading provider of AI-based vehicle safety technology for commercial fleets and the automotive sector, announced a collaboration with BrightDrop, a technology company focusing on decarbonizing last-mile deliveries, to provide commercial fleet customers access to Nauto's award-winning predictive AI safety services. Through this collaboration, BrightDrop's commercial fleet customers now have the option to add Nauto's predictive AI safety solutions to help improve driver safety performance, reduce collision loss, and save lives.

The collaboration demonstrates growing momentum for Nauto's real-time AI that typically results in 60%-80% reduction in risky and distracted driving within a few weeks without manager intervention. Within the fleet industry, Nauto is driving high levels of ROI with a 50%- 80% reduction in collisions across many different vehicle sizes and types, geographies, and verticals. Safety is a serious concern within the last-mile delivery segment, which differs from other driving environments because drivers have to execute high-risk start, stop and reverse maneuvers frequently in variable situations such as narrow urban streets, residential neighborhoods and congested parking situations.

"We're at a tipping point in the commercial vehicle industry where it's not only good for the environment, but it's economical to switch to an electric fleet," said Steve Hornyak, chief revenue officer, BrightDrop. "BrightDrop's electric delivery vans can already save fleet owners thousands of dollars in operating costs. Now, our customers have the option to take advantage of Nauto's early warning alerts that can translate into critical extra seconds for drivers to react, helping to avoid collisions and reduce the costs that result from them."

BrightDrop offers a holistic portfolio of first and last-mile solutions, including electric delivery vans, electric carts and software designed to make last-mile deliveries smarter, safer and more efficient. BrightDrop launched in 2021 and has already executed agreements with some of the world's largest companies.

"Our work with BrightDrop is groundbreaking on several fronts. Their innovative vehicles and deployments with blue chip companies in the last mile delivery segment, which is known for its roadway complexity in congested urban environments and high collision rates, have catalyzed fleet industry thinking around how AI technology like Nauto can make a dramatic dent in risk by preventing collisions before they happen," said Stefan Heck, CEO, Nauto. "For drivers, receiving highly accurate early warnings creates trust, where Nauto is an effective and a reliable co-pilot that respects their privacy needs. Now fleets can make progress on both, their zero emission and zero collision injury goals, using one combined solution"

Trained on more than 1.7 billion AI-processed driving miles and chosen by the world's top commercial fleets, Nauto's AI solution has demonstrated its ability to deliver preventive warnings with up to 99% accuracy and dramatically reduces risky driving behaviors in just a few weeks.

About Nauto

Nauto is a leading provider of innovative advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and Driver Monitoring System (DMS) technology that improves the safety of commercial fleets today and the various levels of autonomous vehicles of tomorrow. Nauto's solutions combine predictive-AI technology, data science, and more than 1.7 billion AI-processed driving miles to help predict and prevent collisions before they occur. This unique approach can improve driver performance and help reduce collision loss, providing rapid ROI while mitigating risk factors of greatest impact. Trusted by nearly 800 fleets worldwide, Nauto helps customers reduce up to 80% of collisions with predictive driver alerts.

® — Nauto and the Nauto logo are registered trademarks of Nauto, Inc. in the United States and other countries.

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