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New Nauto Features Enhance Your User Experience

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April is Distracted Driving Awareness month, an event that’s central to our mission here at Nauto. We’re always working to help fleets reduce distracted driving, collisions, and costs, and we’re always working on enhancing our fleet safety solution.

In honor of Distracted Driving Awareness month, we’re releasing new features designed to help fleet drivers improve their safety performance and help fleet managers get even more value from Nauto.

Reduce risky driving behavior with new alerts

We’re expanding our highly accurate in-vehicle alerts (IVAs) so they’re even better at helping your drivers.

The new alerts cover cell phone use, smoking, and not wearing a seatbelt. These behaviors already generate an event in the Nauto Fleet App, and that won’t change. But now when these behaviors are detected, they’ll also trigger a real-time alert. The Nauto device will sound, and a voice alert will specifically identify the behavior that needs to be corrected. For example, if the Nauto device detects the driver is using a cell phone, it will inform the driver that they should pull over to use the phone.

This way, drivers don’t need to spend precious time determining what they should do. Instead, they can immediately address the issue and improve safety.

When a Nauto device detects a driver using a cell phone, the driver will now get a reminder to pull over to use the phone. This way, the driver can immediately address the issue and improve safety.

Ensure Nauto devices are delivering maximum value

For you and your drivers to get the most value from Nauto, each device needs to be unobstructed. Now, drivers will receive IVAs to let them know when a device is obstructed so they can fix the issue right away. These new alerts will help ensure your drivers get all the other valuable IVAs and you get the data you need in the Nauto Fleet App. You’ll also save time because drivers can address device obstructions themselves, without management intervention.

Camera obstructions will still appear on the Device Insights page for managers to review.  

To give your drivers the new IVAs — including those for cell phone use, smoking, not wearing a seatbelt, and obstructed devices — simply contact your Nauto Customer Success Manager or Client Director. Or, email us at support@nauto.com.

Request custom video in just a few clicks

We’ve made it much easier to request custom video with a new Custom Video request (CVR) tab in the Nauto Fleet App. Simply open the tab and search by date plus vehicle or driver to request a video of up to five minutes. Add a time range to your search criteria to pinpoint the video you want even more easily.

You can also view all trips and see all detected events within each trip. And, you can open the Requested Videos tab to see videos that are ready to download.

Get advanced user-management features

To improve safety performance, fleet managers, executives, and drivers need customized insights. Now, it’s easier than ever to set up the Nauto Fleet App to deliver those. Administrators can create roles and manage who has access to what information across driver insights, vehicle insights, and reporting.

If you have any questions about these new features, please contact your Nauto Customer Success Manager or Client Director. Or, email us at support@nauto.com.

What’s next

We’ll continue to enhance our advanced predictive-AI to give you the most innovative, most effective fleet and driver safety platform. New enhancements are coming soon, and we’ll announce them here. To learn more about how Nauto can help you today, contact us.

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