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Engineering at Nauto

Ready to build tomorrow’s technology while making roads safer today? At Nauto, you’ll have the opportunity to work across several disciplines—AI, cloud infrastructure, computer vision, data science, firmware, and hardware—to ultimately help us achieve our mission of zero traffic collisions and fatalities.

Do you love digging into a worthwhile challenge?

Accomplishing our mission and delivering our intelligent driver safety system takes hard work. From algorithm research and deep learning modeling to image processing in the cloud, and beyond, we’re always looking for new ways to solve problems.

Our team is built on cross-collaboration, agility, and a culture of knowledge sharing

Together, we’re creating real impact—building a deeper understanding of driver behavior, reducing distractions behind the wheel, and improving overall driver safety—both for today’s commercial fleets and the autonomous fleets of tomorrow.

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Thoughts from our team

“What makes Nauto unique is that we’re not only looking at what’s happening inside and outside the vehicle, but also at driver behavior and the interplay between these two. On top of that, we’re actively improving driver behavior with our automated in-vehicle alerts. It’s rare that you get exposure to so many data sets within one company.”

Charles Hornbacker
Data Scientist

“I’ve been with Nauto since the earliest days of the company, and what I’ve always enjoyed is that our work touches so many different areas: problem-solving, algorithm development, and AI—specifically, computer vision, deep learning, and machine learning. Bringing all of this together is critical for the deployment of our devices.”

Ravi Satzoda
Technical Lead,
Outside Scene Perception

“At Nauto, I get exposure to a deep stack of technologies and challenges—right from the hardware specifications to the latest developments in the world of big data. Most importantly, I feel that my work at Nauto has a real-world impact—perceptively making the world safer for all us and our future generations.”

Indrani Yendamuri
Data Engineer, Cloud Team

“I really value strong engineering management, and I found that in Nauto’s leadership team. Having seasoned team leaders helps us maintain the right balance between iterating on new features and products, while ensuring that we don’t move too fast for hardware development cycles.”

Dao Mi, Data Lead, Cloud Team

How our engineers make it happen

Understand driver behavior via scene perception

We leverage AI and machine learning to understand high-risk driver behaviors and dangers in the road ahead. This enables us to see the full context—inside the car and out—to help drivers when it matters the most.

Develop high-quality algorithms with measurable impact

Precision and accuracy are critical to ensuring the safety of drivers. The algorithms we develop need to reliably capture and process triggered events in real-time—all on a single device—and must work consistently across cities and in challenging road conditions around the globe.

Deploy edge computing to support drivers in real-time

Nauto hardware runs in variable networking conditions, and as an industry leader deploying AI on the edge to commercial fleets, our technology operates reliably in any environment. A core part of our work is the unique challenge of balancing compute power between our hardware and the cloud.

You can make a real difference in driver safety every day
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