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Welcome to Nauto!

See how Nauto helps professional fleet drivers stay safe on the road and return home safely after their shifts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Nauto’s technology work?

Nauto’s multi-sensor, AI-embedded device is mounted to the windshield and includes both forward-facing and inward-facing image sensors. The technology uses artificial intelligence to continuously analyze sensor data from driving behaviors, exterior hazards, and vehicle movement in real-time. 

When the Nauto device detects certain types of safety risks, Nauto’s Driver Behavior Alerts can coach you in real-time. The device also uploads footage of detected collisions, high-risk events, and videos requested by you or management. The device is designed to detect and automatically upload the following driving events:

  1. Crashes
  2. Harsh acceleration
  3. Hard braking
  4. Sharp cornering
  5. Tailgating
  6. Distracted driving
  7. Policy Violations: mobile phone and smoking

What is Nauto?

Nauto is the only AI technology impacting driver behavior in real-time, designed to help commercial fleet drivers like you stay safe on the road and return home safely after your shifts. 

Nauto’s innovative technology includes:

  1. Video recording inside & in-front of your vehicle. The device uploads videos or images of detected collisions, high-risk events, and videos requested by you or management.
  2. In-Vehicle Alerts. When the device detects certain types of safety risks, such as distracted driving, Nauto’s Driver Behavior Alerts coach you to stay focused, helping to prevent collisions before they occur.
  3. Mark Button. If you ever feel unsafe and feel that you need evidence from the device, you can press a button placed inside your vehicle to upload video footage. You can even notify your manager by tapping the button three times.
  4. Driver App: If your fleet includes it, you have access to our mobile app that gives you transparency into your safety performance. You have access to your event videos, safety scores, and driving history to view your detected high-risk behavior and help improve your driving on your own.

How does the Mark Button work?

Your Bluetooth-connected Mark Button is designed to give you the ability to upload video and even notify your manager in the case of an unusual or unsafe situation while driving. To use the Mark Button, you have two options:

  • Marked Event: Press the Mark Button once to upload video right before and after the press. This will not send an immediate notification to your manager, but your video will appear in your fleet manager’s application. Drivers typically use this option if they witness an accident on the road to provide video evidence for others.
  • Panic event: Tap the Mark Button 3 times, or hold the button for 2 seconds, to upload video right before and after the press and notify your manager. This will send your manager a text or email to help address your incident immediately. Drivers will use this option for escalating in-cab incidents or severe accidents. In case of an actual emergency, please follow your company’s standard procedures.

Note: Uploads occur when LTE connectivity is available.

What do the lights on the device mean?

The device is designed to turn on when the vehicle is turned on. The two lights on the interior-facing side of the device help you understand the device’s working condition:

  • Green: The device is active in normal daytime conditions
  • Dim Red: The device is recording in infrared in low-light conditions
  • Blue: The device is updating its software
  • Orange: The device has low cellular connectivity
  • Bright Red OR No Lights: The device may be experiencing technical difficulties. Please contact your manager.

What are the components of the driver safety score, VERA, at Nauto?

Nauto’s Visually Enhanced Risk Assessment (VERA) Score summarizes all driving events into one score and provides a way to keep track of your safe driving over time. Nauto’s VERA Score is composed of two subscores: Attentive and Smooth Driving. Your VERA Score is calculated on a per-trip basis, and is on a scale from 1 to 100, with 100 being the best and safest driving performance. 

The Attentive Driving Score measures the duration of all distractions detected during a trip. If you are distracted for more than 0.5% of the time, your Attentive Driving Score will automatically be 0 for that trip. If you are distracted for less than 0.5% of the trip, the Attentive Driving Score for the trip will be given a score from 1 - 100, with 100 being the most attentive..

The Smooth Driving Score is based on the number of aggressive driving events detected during a trip: Acceleration, Braking, Cornering, Tailgating. Each aggressive driving event subtracts from your Smooth Driving score of 100, based on the number and types of events.

How many videos can the Nauto device store?

The Nauto device loop records and stores up to 50 hours of driving history. Only footage of detected collisions and high-risk events is automatically uploaded via a wireless connection. With the Mark Button, you can upload video during your trip in the case of unsafe situations, and your manager may also request upload from their web application to help resolve incidents.

Did you know? On average, only 0.1% of driving time is uploaded by Nauto to help commercial fleets and their drivers identify ways to improve driving and safety performance.

What video can my manager see?

Nauto is built with you and your privacy in mind. With Nauto, only relevant videos and images are uploaded via a wireless connection for your manager to access on his or her computer to help you avoid high-risk events in the future. Otherwise, all other recorded video remains on the device on your vehicle for up to 50 hours of driving time. Relevant footage includes: collisions, high-risk events, events you initiate by pressing the Mark Button, and video requests from your fleet manager.

What are Nauto’s In-Vehicle Alerts?

If your fleet manager has activated Driver Behavior Alerts, the device will coach you to stay focused when it detects certain types of safety risks. Currently, the device can alert drivers for the following events:

  • Distracted driving
  • Tailgating

How do In-Vehicle Alerts for distracted driving work?

For distracted driving behavior, the interior image sensor detects if a driver is looking down or has his/her eyes closed. When a distraction event is detected, Driver Behavior Alerts are triggered based on duration when the vehicle is moving:

  • 2.5 seconds: A behavioral cue to remind you that you’re distracted.
  • 4 seconds: A verbal cue of “distracted” to let you know exactly what you need to correct.
  • 5.5 seconds: The highest level alert to encourage you to immediately correct behavior.

Did you know? Distracted driving is a growing challenge on our roads today, claiming nearly 3,500 lives in 2016 alone. Nauto helps prevent unnecessary collisions caused by distracted driving.

How do In-Vehicle Alerts for tailgating work?

For tailgating behavior, the exterior image sensor detects if there is a vehicle in front of you, and will alert you if it detects that you are at an unsafe following distance from the vehicle ahead. Driver Behavior Alerts for tailgating are triggered based on time to headway:

  • 0.8 - 1 sec: A mild alert to warn you that you are an unsafe following distance from the vehicle ahead
  • 0.6 - 0.8 sec: A verbal cue of “tailgating” to coach you to correct behavior