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As pandemic lockdowns spread across the nation, so did the false notion that drivers are safe on the road. While many non-essential workers found themselves stuck at home for months, a new trend emerged on our streets and highways: drivers traveling at alarming speeds. That, coupled with the unexpected increase in distracted driving, has proven to be a fatal mix.  In early 2020, the nation saw a surge in deadly accidents.

This episode of (naut)Distracted! will explore:

  • The latest research on how attention is impacted by multitasking and the demands it places on the brain, especially as it relates to complex tasks like driving
  • How stressors can weaken our cognitive ability to perform and stay focused on a task
  • Theories and thoughts on why distracted driving is on the rise
  • Why and how AI is enabling safer driving with real-time prevention
  • Steps Fleet Managers and Drivers can take to reduce distracted behaviors in their fleet  


  • John Bruggeman - Chief Marketing Officer, Nauto (Moderator)
  • Dr. David Strayer - Ph.D., Cognition and Neural Science, University of Utah
  • Dr. Stefan Heck - CEO and Founder, Nauto

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