In-Vehicle Alerts

Help reduce operational and insurance costs associated with collisions by preventing them at the source.

The only in-vehicle solution with complete, real-time risk assessment

Learn how our AI-powered driver safety solution works, from all angles


No collisions, no claims

Help lower claims costs by preventing collisions at the source.


Get more from the team

Save management time and keep drivers on the road by coaching in real-time.


On the road and out of the shop

Help reduce repair & maintenance costs by keeping fleet vehicles out of collisions.

In-vehicle AI reduced distracted driving in 4 out of 5 drivers

We analyzed the impact of In-Vehicle Alerts on distracted driving behavior from nearly 1,400 drivers to uncover measurable safety results.

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Improving driver behavior doesn’t end in the vehicle

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Safety Insights

Run a more efficient and effective fleet safety program with actionable reporting.

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Claims Management

Help reduce claims handling costs with faster and smarter notification and management.

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On-Demand Coaching

Identify and manage your high-risk drivers to better manage overall fleet risk.

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