Nauto Advanced Event Details

Advanced Event Details

Full visibility and context of every fleet risk event

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Complete Fleet Risk Management

Nauto Advanced Event Details provides video footage with contextual information to keep you fully informed. You have access to a comprehensive synthesis of all relevant data points that help you to recreate what occurred when risky driving behavior or a collision is detected.

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Full visibility

Comprehensive understanding of every risk event to inform driver management

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Track progress

Track and document driver performance and progress to aid in driver coaching

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Save time and money

Expedite the claims management process with accurate incident reporting.

Improve Fleet Performance

Understand and assess fleet risk with video footage, a time-sequenced overview of the event, and key data points for every risk event.

  • Trip details (including the driver, vehicle, location, time, and date) 
  • Video footage
  • Time sequence of the event 
  • Map View
  • Incident report
  • Speed
  • G-force (average across event)
  • In-vehicle alerts
  • Driver state (such as distracted, tailgating, and hard brake)
Nauto Advanced Event Details screen