Nauto VERA Driver Risk Scoring System

Visually Enhanced Risk Assessment (VERA®)

A comprehensive safety evaluation and driver scorecard

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Driver Risk Scoring System

Nauto’s Visually Enhanced Risk Assessment (VERA®) summarizes all driving events and behaviors into one score and provides a way to keep track of your fleet driver’s safe driving over time. This holistic approach offers full context and visibility to identify high-risk events and the drivers that need immediate or additional training and coaching.

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Scalable coaching

Document driver training discussions for better accountability when coaching

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Full transparency

Empowers drivers to improve their behavior without the intervention of a manager

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Build driver trust

Unparalleled access enables driver privacy, transparency, and empowerment

Proactively Manage Fleet Safety

Nauto’s VERA Score is a composite of four sub-scores, calculated on a per-trip basis, from 1 to 100, with 100 being the best and safest driving performance.

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Inattentive Driving

We measure how long drivers are distracted, smoking, using their cell phone, or drowsy across all trips. This inattention number accounts for 75% of the overall score.


Aggressive Driving

We track the number of aggressive driving events detected during a trip — harsh acceleration, braking, and cornering — and also factor in the duration of tailgating events. This provides 20% of the overall score.


Traffic Violations

Speeding events over posted speed limits accounts for 5% of the overall score.


High Risk

Finally, if our predictive model indicates that a driver with a past collision has a high likelihood of being in another collision in the future, such collisions, near collisions, and collision warnings will immediately reduce the VERA Score of that driver. This reduction is gradually removed over time.

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Since using VERA 3.0, our accident count went from 25 (13 at-fault) to 7 (4 at-fault) collisions while still growing our fleet to meet our summer sales demands. Nauto helped us to identify that 3 of the 4 at-fault accidents were due to situational awareness and blind spots, which we can now work on moving forward.”

Stephen Melendez
Logistics Specialist & Fleet Supervisor, Edge Pest Control