Meet the AI-powered vehicle safety system by Nauto

Reduce risk at the source by giving your drivers the power to help prevent collisions - without invading their privacy.

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Predicts to help prevent

A dual-facing camera plus external sensors designed to detect distracted and drowsy driving as well as in-cabin and external risks, all in real time.
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Considers context

In-vehicle predictive-AI accounts for the complex, real-world conditions your drivers face every day: pedestrians, other drivers, vehicle speed, and more.
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Alerts with impact

Real-time in-vehicle alerts help your drivers prevent collisions and become safer within weeks, not months — without the annoyance of false alerts.
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Records only what matters

Predictive-AI automatically encourages safer driving behavior and only records collisions and high-risk events, not everything, respecting driver privacy.
Nauto predictive AI fleet safety deviceNauto predictive AI fleet safety devicePhoto of Dodge Ram fleet vehicles parked in a row

the key to safer fleets.

Predictive-AI gives your drivers the power to help prevent collisions, even in a world where risks and distractions can come from anywhere.

Predictive-AI also enables so much more: targeted coaching, rapid collision reporting, and driver privacy protection. But what does predictive-AI really mean? What can it do? Why is it crucial to making fleets safer? Get answers to these questions and more in our guide to predictive-AI.