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  • Improve Fleet Safety
  • Save Money
  • Reduce Risk

Nauto’s AI-powered Driver and Fleet Safety Platform helps predict, prevent, and reduce high-risk events in real-time, giving driver’s the additional reaction time they need to prevent incidents before they occur, not after!

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AI-powered driver and fleet safety

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Assess complete, real-time risk from driver behavior, traffic elements, vehicle movement, and contextual data

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Leverage AI to provide drivers with additional reaction time to act before incidents occur, not after

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Reduce operational costs, lower insurance spend, achieve safety metrics, exonerate drivers, and save lives

Collision avoidance

Predict collisions before they occur and give drivers more reaction time with AI-powered sensors and alerts.

Prevent incidents before they occur

 Alert drivers in real-time and anticipate events before they happen to help avoid collisions, minimize repair and maintenance costs, and reduce fleet claims.

Scalable driver coaching

Effectively and efficiently coach and train drivers while maintaining driver privacy and creating transparency with management.

Manager-Led Coaching for Improved Driver Safety

Coach for impact

Enable drivers to self-coach to improve their driver behavior before formal training is needed and quickly identify high-risk drivers and document driver training discussions for accountability.

Accelerated claims management

Leverage AI-powered collision detection to quickly and reliably process and resolve claims resulting in millions of dollars saved.

Know what happens, when it happens

Minimize injury, liability, and processing costs with AI-enabled, real-time incident detection and claims management with full context, real-time AI dash cam videos when it’s needed most.

Real-time Incident Reporting
Collision Report (example)
Our Vehicle
Driver injury
Likely, but not visible
Damage severity
Significant damage
Additional damage
Airbag deployed
3rd party vehicle/driver
Driver injury
Damage severity
Significant damage
Additional damage
Airbag deployed

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