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Empower drivers to improve their driving behavior without the intervention of a fleet manager.

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“The Nauto system enables us to target areas which we need to retrain the drivers. Driver distraction is the number one.”

Reducing collisions and decreasing insurance claims

“Insurance is our biggest expense,” said Gary Tournier, owner of Transportation Management Corporation. “Insurance to us is a make or break situation. There's only a limited amount of carriers out there so you just have to make sure that you keep your claims down.”

Transportation Management uses Nauto's proprietary VERA Score to assess driver safety performance and identify coachable behaviors for driver training.

“...with the Nauto system, the constant evaluation that we have enables us to target areas which we need to retrain the drivers to make a pro out of them and keep them on the top of their game.”

Attracting and retaining drivers

In a competitive market with a shortage of drivers, attracting and retaining drivers is critical for Transportation Management. Introducing Nauto to protect drivers has helped the company differentiate its offering.

“We feel that this is really gonna help with driver retention,” said Tournier.

Drivers like Michael Johnson confirmed this sentiment, stating, “...this is a life-saving device we have in the car today.”

Innovative technology and effortless installation

The company tried other technologies before, but ultimately selected Nauto's intelligent safety solution. “What we liked about it was all the features it had: the night vision, the driver data system, the facial recognition; it had all these features built in,” said Tournier.

Beyond Nauto's features, Steve Voelker and John Moore, Transportation Management's Operations and Shop Managers, also noted the value of continuous software updates and the ease of installation:

“Where some systems, you wanna do an update, you have to bring the vehicle in and update the hardware. This is basically on-the-fly kind of hardware,” said Voelker.

“Nauto was very easy to install. After we got a lot of them in here, we’ve done them in like 20 minutes,” said Moore.

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