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Take an Inside Look at Nauto's First Hackathon!

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At Nauto, our mission is to make driving safer and smarter. Since introducing Nauto Coach last year, we’ve already surpassed our initial goal for reducing collisions and have helped reduce claims by over 35% for commercial fleets.

Our commitment to improving road safety is driven by our engineering teams, which work across many disciplines, including hardware, firmware, software, cloud infrastructure, and artificial intelligence (AI). It takes hard work — data analysis, algorithm research, deep learning modeling, image processing in the cloud, and more — to deliver our intelligent driver safety system to customers. And there’s an added challenge because vehicles are on the move, so it’s crucial that our devices function in any networking environment.

Now that Nauto Coach has been commercially available for over a year, we’ve been focused on future software and hardware updates, and generally, how to improve and innovate our processes as a team. One of the ways that we foster ideation is to occasionally break from daily routine. Recently, we brought everyone together for our first Nauto Hackathon to inspire fresh ideas, creativity, and new approaches to the problem of road safety.

Take an inside look at Nauto's first hackathon!

Over a three-day period, Nauto engineers formed teams and came up with problems they wanted to solve. This gave everyone an opportunity to pursue projects that might not fall under their team, and also to collaborate with different co-workers.

All of this culminated in 27 projects presented to a panel of judges that included our VP of Systems, a board observer, and outside technical experts. The judges gave out three prizes: most production ready, best teamwork, and most ambitious project. In addition, the whole company voted on a People’s Choice Award. While not all of the ideas will be used for Nauto, we are excited that a few will be incorporated in our future product roadmap. And, most importantly, our awesome team got to stretch their technical and creative muscles, work with new team members, and as you can see, have fun doing it!

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