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Company Update

Driving the New World of Fleet Safety

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During these uncertain times, businesses are adapting their processes to adjust as the situation continuously changes. With California’s recent extension of shelter-in-place measures hitting close to our home in the Bay Area, we wanted to revisit and share Nauto’s vision and core focus: saving lives and bringing everyone home safely to their families every night.

Driving in 2020 is a noisy, busy, complex, and at times, a dangerous reality. With COVID, this hasn’t changed. Personal road travel may be down over 50% nationwide, but trucking activity continues at fluctuating levels. The changing transportation landscape and increased pressure on essential transportation has contributed to an increase in driver distraction, meaning that driver activity remains a risk to other vehicles and vulnerable road users. 

At Nauto, we understand the importance of focusing on the biggest risks in order to maximize lives and money saved. Our customers trust us to gain insights from depersonalized real-life driving data, and our team of experienced artificial intelligence (AI) engineers and data scientists use it to develop sophisticated, robust AI algorithms.

We strive to deliver life-saving capabilities for all customers with our ambitious goals. Building on our existing Driver Behavior Alerts and edge-to-cloud AI capabilities, we have been expanding our risk assessment to contextually fuse more disparate data points, including other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Our goal is to advance our AI models to draw conclusions about the mobility environment in order to predict the future.

If we can predict events that are likely to happen five seconds from now, we can identify and prevent high-risk driving events. If we can predict mobility events that are likely to happen in the next few hours, we can improve convenience and quality of life for everyone — from drivers heading to a job site, to retail shoppers trying to find parking, to kids scooting down the street or families walking on the sidewalk.

Nauto’s core focus is and will always remain to create, and make available, AI-enabled insights to save lives on the road. We believe we have a responsibility to help every driver and every participant in the mobility ecosystem to learn, contribute to, and benefit from our Driver and Fleet Safety Platform equally as we make getting around safer, easier, faster, more efficient, more equitable, and more convenient.

The road ahead is not easy. However, we’re the first to lay the groundwork, and we’re excited to enable our fleets to drive the change to the new world of fleet safety. Contact us today to learn more.

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