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Nauto Announces New Coaching Features to Streamline Fleet Safety Programs

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Unveils Commercial Fleet Safety Features and Mobile App to Enable Highly-Effective Coaching

PALO ALTO, Calif. — Nauto®, an AI-technology company that’s improving driver and fleet safety today and the autonomous fleets of tomorrow, announced the industry’s first AI-powered Coaching Dashboard for fleet managers, and Nauto Driver, a mobile app for fleet drivers that empowers them to self-coach and improve their driving behavior without the intervention of a fleet manager. With the introduction of Coaching Dashboard and Nauto Driver, Nauto now provides the most comprehensive end-to-end automated driver coaching solutions for fleet management and safety leaders.

Since launching Nauto Prevent®, Nauto has enabled fleet management and safety leaders across the United States, Japan, and Europe to enhance their fleet safety programs with real-time, in-cab coaching. Nauto’s AI-powered in-cab notifications help stop high-risk driving behaviors the moment they occur and coach drivers to improve their behavior over time. In fact, Nauto customer, LeasePlan confirmed that “Nauto’s real-time distraction alerts have succeeded in making drivers more aware of the dangers of distracted driving. The impact has been real and substantial — we’ve seen a 70 percent decrease in distractions since we started last July.”

Coaching Dashboard

From the Fleet Safety Application, Nauto’s new Coaching Dashboard leverages AI-algorithms to detect and review high-risk events to streamline fleet safety operations while maintaining driver privacy. Unlike most solutions that require human review of detected driving events, Nauto’s automated event analysis prioritizes high-risk driving events in real-time, eliminating the need to wait days or weeks before fleets can review and discuss coachable events with drivers. In addition, Nauto has updated its Visually Enhanced Risk Assessment (VERA) Scores™ with a new risk algorithm, based on analysis and learnings from over 250-million AI-processed video miles to provide a more actionable safety metric for effective driver coaching.

Nauto Driver Mobile App

Nauto Driver, Nauto’s latest product in its end-to-end suite of coaching tools, is designed to improve driver safety and puts coaching in a driver’s hands. Nauto Driver empowers drivers by providing them the same visibility into their driving behavior as their fleet managers. With this visibility, the drivers can proactively coach themselves to improve.

Previously, only fleet management and safety leaders had access to high-risk event videos to spot coachable opportunities with context-rich footage available in Nauto’s Fleet Safety Application. Now, commercial fleets can add Nauto Driver to their subscription and give fleet drivers direct visibility into their VERA Scores and high-risk driving footage as they work to improve their behavior behind the wheel, ultimately reducing the risk of at-fault collisions. The Nauto Driver App is available in both iOS and Android versions.

Customer & Executive Quotes

Moise Mehraban, Reservations & Dispatch at Tourcoach Charter, a local bus partner of Flixbus USA said, “The safety of our passengers and our drivers is paramount. Nauto’s solution is a valuable asset that allows us to use video to raise our drivers' awareness of dangerous driving and coach and counter unsafe behavior.”

“Evidence-based coaching is proven to reduce collisions, increase savings and improve road safety,” said Sanket Akerkar, senior vice president, Global Fleets and Insurance, Nauto. “With the introduction of the Coaching Dashboard and Nauto Driver, we’re now providing fleet safety leaders the most comprehensive set of coaching and self-coaching capabilities on the market.”

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About Nauto

Nauto® is the only real-time AI-powered Driver and Fleet Safety Platform able to help predict, prevent, and reduce high-risk events in the mobility ecosystem. By analyzing billions of data points from over 650 million AI-analyzed video miles, Nauto’s machine learning algorithms continuously improve and help to impact driver behavior before events happen, not after. Nauto has enabled the largest commercial fleets in the world to avoid more than 25,000 collisions, resulting in nearly $180 million in savings.

Nauto is located in North America, Japan, and Europe. Learn more at nauto.com or on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Nauto, Nauto Coach, and Nauto Prevent are registered trademarks of Nauto, Inc. and its subsidiaries worldwide.


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