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Now Available: AI-Powered Device Health Dashboard

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Our new Device Health Dashboard leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to make it easier for fleet safety leaders to manage their Nauto Devices—saving them time and effort, while helping them maximize the effectiveness of their fleet safety solution.

What is the Device Health Dashboard?

Fleet management and safety leaders have a lot to manage in their day-to-day, from maximizing the effectiveness of their safety programs to managing thousands of LTE-connected, AI-powered devices in the field. To help fleet managers save time, we designed a Device Health Dashboard to provide teams with visibility into healthy devices (e.g., devices that are properly functioning, including 4G LTE connectivity and fully functional AI detection algorithms), while also equipping them to quickly troubleshoot common issues not automatically detected by other solutions:

  • Obstructed devices: Inhibited inward-facing event detection, such as distracted driving, due to obstruction of the image sensor as a result of tape, vehicle sun visor placement, etc.
  • Loose devices: Nauto Device is detected as not securely mounted, resulting in inaccurate hard maneuver and collision triggers
  • Offline devices: Device LTE signal has not been received for at least four consecutive days

Obstructed Device Detection with AI

Obstructed Device Detection
A real-world example of a detected obstructed device image

Our distracted driving detection and In-Cabin Alert features leverage the Nauto Device’s interior image sensor and embedded computer vision to detect distraction behavior. Distracted driving detection depends on the interior image sensor's assessment of a driver's head position. 

As the only solution in the market since 2017, we’ve learned that fleets must be equipped to quickly identify and correct obstructed cameras to ensure In-Cabin Alerts function properly and help drivers make safer decisions in real-time. If the interior image sensor is obstructed, this inhibits the distracted driving detection algorithm, and the Nauto Device sends an “obstructed device” message to the cloud.

From the Device Health Dashboard, fleet managers can view the percentage of drive time obstructed for each vehicle, and even view images of the obstruction, to help troubleshoot and work with drivers to address an obstructed Nauto Device.

Loose Device Detection with Sensor Analysis

Loose Device Detection
A sensor signature from a loose device looks erratic compared to normal driving conditions

Our AI-enabled collision detection model continuously analyzes raw sensor data registered by the Nauto Device to detect true collisions the moment an incident occurs. The same model identifies when the sensor signatures indicate that a device becomes loose or separated from the mount. 

Whether from small accidents or driver tampering, loose devices can become an issue in many fleet safety solutions, making any inertial measurement unit (IMU)-based event, such as acceleration, braking, cornering, and even collision, nearly impossible to detect. 

Only with Nauto’s proprietary edge-to-cloud AI model are fleets able to proactively identify and re-secure loose devices; otherwise, it may take weeks for fleet managers to realize that a device has been effectively out of service due to loose orientation.

Offline Device Detection

The Nauto Device periodically sends status messages, including a vehicle’s moving state and location data, to the cloud via an LTE connection. With the new Device Health Dashboard, fleet managers can identify offline device activity with data on the last date of connection and known location to proactively address potentially disconnected devices.

To help manage devices intended to be offline, fleet managers have the ability to mark devices as “out of service” from the dashboard to document and manage their inactive vehicles (e.g., when vehicles are under repair). Once marked, out of service devices are excluded from reported device issues.

Device Health Features

All deployed Nauto Devices and any identified issues are synthesized into a single view in the Device Health Dashboard within the Fleet Safety App

The new dashboard provides fleet managers with a single location to track device health and troubleshoot device issues in the field — saving time and ensuring optimal device performance to maintain the AI-enabled safety features that support their drivers in the field. Fleet managers can also opt in to receive email or SMS notifications for when devices are registered as offline or stationary.

The Device Health Dashboard is now available in the Fleet Safety App as an automatic upgrade for all Nauto customers. If you’re interested in implementing a driver safety solution with proactive AI-enabled device management tools, contact us today!

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