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Now Detecting: Fleet Policy Violation Events

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What if you could use artificial intelligence (AI) to impact driving behavior? At Nauto, we’re proud to be the first and only to use applied AI to detect distracted driving in real-time, ultimately preventing collisions to save fleets money and lives on the road. Now, our new Policy Violations feature enables fleets to further lower risk by implementing robust safety policies on cell phone and smoking bans.

Why Policy Violations?

Driver safety policies, such as cell phone and smoking bans, are critical for fleets to lower risk and reduce the cost of claims. In fact, according to the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS), fleets that strictly enact cell phone bans witness lower collision rates than fleets that have no policy in place, or are unable to enforce termination for cell phone use.

Enforcing Fleet Safety Policies Today

Other solutions, such as video-based telematics, have tried to help fleets identify this type of prohibited driver activity. However, these solutions are limited to detecting harsh maneuvers only, such as acceleration, braking, cornering events. Once a harsh vehicle movement is detected, the video for that single event is reviewed--typically by a third-party human workforce--for additional labels, such as cell phones.

Not only does that undermine your drivers’ privacy, but that’s merely a subset of the full picture. What about the activity that isn’t associated with a hard maneuver event, like in this example:

Even without harsh vehicle movements, Nauto detected this distracted driving event using AI on the edge

Nauto’s Policy Violation Detection

While traditional solutions rely on harsh maneuvers as a trigger for review, we are the only solution that leverages AI on-the-edge to detect risky driver behavior directly in the vehicle, in real-time.

In this initial launch of our Policy Violations feature, we’ve trained our algorithms to detect cell phones and cigarettes. When the embedded algorithms identify these items from the interior image sensor, the Nauto Device uploads the footage and provides the data to fleet managers in the Fleet Safety App.

Driver Behavior Alerts for Distracted Driving
AI label annotation of Nauto's cell phone use detection

Driver Alerts Detect Driver Behavior
AI label annotation of Nauto's cigarette use detection

Policy Violation Features in the Fleet Safety App

With defined policies in place, fleet managers can leverage Nauto's Fleet Safety App to identify driver violations and provide visual evidence of violations for HR reporting. Now available to all customers, Policy Violation reports surface the frequency of violation events, and fleet managers can click through to view event snapshots and details.

Nauto Driver Fleet Safety App Screenshot
The new Policy Violations feature within Nauto's Manager-Led Coaching

We started with distracted driving, and now, with our growing data set 400 million AI-analyzed video miles, we’ve trained our models to identify cell phones and cigarettes on the driver’s side of the vehicle. But this is still the beginning; we’re constantly training algorithms to develop even more image recognition capabilities, such as seat belt detection. Let us know what you think we should detect next, or contact us to request a demo today!

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