Claims Management

Help reduce claims handling costs of your fleet with faster and smarter first notice of loss capabilities.

Every incident matters

Detect collisions that other solutions cannot with Nauto’s device-to-cloud AI detection model.

Wednesday 11:44
Possible Incident

Nauto: We detected a possible incident with vehicle 4323 (East) at 11:44am (CDT) on Wednesday. If confirmed, you will receive a separate notification with video from the event.


Confirmed Incident

We've detected that vehicle FL MIA1 a (Unassigned) was involved in an incident. We’ve captured the video from 11:12pm (EDT) on Tuesday for you to review.

Review event

Know what happens, when it happens

Immediate notifications for detected collisions and video confirmation give you the information you need to help address incidents, protect drivers, and reduce claims costs.

Let us do the reporting for you

Streamline your claims handling operations with video and comprehensive analysis for every collision.

Illustration of a road mapPopup to request video

Exonerate your fleet drivers, protect your company

Provide evidence to help combat frivolous fleet claims, and save money and time with instant on-demand video uploads.

Nauto’s platform alone has cleared our drivers in 70% of our wrongful at-fault insurance investigations in the first 10 months.”

Kevin Burton
Vice President, Fleet Operations

Collisions happen, but you can do more to prevent them

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Safety Insights

Run a more efficient and effective fleet safety program with actionable reporting.

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In-Vehicle Alerts

Help reduce operational and insurance costs associated with collisions by preventing them at the source.

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On-Demand Coaching

Identify and manage your high-risk drivers to better manage overall fleet risk.

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