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Using AI to Improve Driver Behavior at Scale While Maintaining Social Distance

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As communities around the world are adjusting to shelter-in-place, businesses across all industries are altering their practices to accommodate the impact of COVID-19 on their day-to-day operations (read more on Nauto’s status from our founder and CEO). Most prominently, mandated social distancing restricts companies from effectively performing in-person interactions, from dining out at restaurants to holding a physical event.

In the case of commercial fleets, one example of an impacted operation is the driver safety program. While employee health is top of mind for all, road safety must remain a priority for all drivers, especially those in commercial fleets currently serving essential functions. To help combat the spread of disease through person-to-person contact, fleets have had to suspend manager ride-alongs until further notice. Even in-person coaching sessions between drivers and managers have been put on hold for fleets, leaving fleet management and safety leaders to rely on remote methods to train and mitigate driving risks.

During this period of social distancing, it has come to light that many fleet safety technologies today aren’t pandemic-proof. For example, many solutions only enable in-person coaching sessions as its primary method of driver improvement. These technologies were not designed to function in such an environment, and they must now equip their customers with work-arounds that may result in lower efficacy than before. With Nauto, Driver Behavior Alerts leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to help coach drivers in the vehicle in real-time, without human intervention.

With Nauto’s In-Vehicle Alerts, fleets can leverage AI technology to coach drivers in real-time.

The Power of In-Vehicle AI

Nauto’s proactive approach to coaching improves driver behavior in 4 out of 5 drivers without the use of video coaching sessions and manager intervention. By continuously analyzing sensor data from driver behaviors, exterior hazards, and vehicle movement in real-time, Nauto’s Driver and Fleet Safety Platform can actively coach and help prevent high-risk driving events, such as distracted driving or tailgating. Nauto is proud to serve our fleet customers with a product designed to perform around-the-clock to help support and protect drivers on the road.

Looking forward, our world may never be the same. As our communities are adjusting to the shelter-in-place conditions of today, businesses around the world must start planning for the post-COVID-19 world of tomorrow. Today’s health and safety measures will create a long-term impact on in-person interactions, even after the pandemic has subsided. To get ahead of the impact, businesses need to take another look at their safety program procedures, and can look to AI solutions to enable new methods that are immune to the short- and long-term implications of COVID-19.

At Nauto, we’re building products that leverage AI to help prevent collisions while preserving driver health, safety and privacy, as well as fleet management and safety resources. To help prepare your fleet business and maximize your safety practices, contact us to learn more.

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