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Collision & Claim Management Series (Part 3)

Exploring Nauto’s Fleet Collision & Claims Management Features

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In our previous posts on collision detection in commercial fleets, we’ve uncovered our learnings from collisions and how we built on-device and cloud-based machine learning models to automate collision detection with high precision at the moment an incident occurs. In the final installment of this series, we’ll show you how Nauto provides safety and fleet management leaders with capabilities to streamline collision and claims processing with:

  • Automatic collision detection and upload powered by our machine learning detection model 
  • Collision Notifications to inform fleet managers as soon as incidents occur 
  • Automated Collision Reports with comprehensive contextual data to streamline the claims management process

Automatic Collision Detection and Notifications

Safety and fleet management leaders want to immediately know when collisions occur in their fleets to help address issues and assist drivers as soon as possible. Solutions using a single g-force value as the only indicator for collisions may either miss the low g-force collisions, or inundate fleet managers with false positives.

Alternatively, some solutions may use human reviewers to analyze each possible collision event, leading to hours, or even days, before fleet managers are notified. By using artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze and detect actual fleet collisions, Nauto has automated the initial human validation step of other solutions to notify fleet managers of possible incidents minutes after an incident.

Once a fleet collision is detected, our collision avoidance system provides fleet managers with two types of email and/or text notifications: 

Automated Incident Detection and Reporting
Nauto Suspected and Confirmed Incident Email Notifications

  1. Suspected Incident Notification: When Nauto’s on-device machine learning model has detected a collision with high confidence, fleet managers will receive an immediate Suspected Incident Notification, which includes the detected g-force value, vehicle, and time of incident.
  2. Confirmed Incident Notification: Once video is uploaded and a collision is confirmed in our event analysis tool, a Confirmed Incident Notification is sent to fleet managers to review the video, event data and Collision Report.

Automated Collision Reports

With the collision video and data generated by the Nauto Device, and contextual labels collected from our proprietary event analysis tool, we can deliver comprehensive Collision Reports directly to our customers to help streamline claims processing and help return vehicles back to the road promptly.

Automated Collision Reports
Nauto's comprehensive and automated Collision Report

Now available in the Fleet Safety Application, safety and fleet management leaders can export Collision Reports to save for internal documentation or share with their insurance providers. Nauto’s Collision Reports include important details needed to manage internal and insurance claims, such as driver information, injuries, driving conditions, and more. 

Our automated Suspected Incident Notifications and Collision Reports are available to all Nauto customers in the Fleet Safety App. If you’re interested in leveraging AI-enabled automation to improve the safety of your fleet and help you quickly address incidents in your fleet, contact us today!


Miss the prior installments of this series? Take a look back now to learn more about Nauto's automatic Collision Notifications & Claims Management capabilities:

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