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Nauto Now Available with Sprint Vehicle Solutions

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Today, we’re excited to share that we’re working with Sprint Business to bring safety capabilities to even more commercial fleets. Sprint has an extensive portfolio of fleet management and compliance solutions, which enable commercial fleets to operate reliably and efficiently in any environment. With the addition of Nauto’s AI driver and fleet safety platform, Sprint’s fleet customers can now get in-cab notifications, context-rich coaching, and liability reduction features to measurably improve driver safety.

Commercial fleets face an urgent need to improve driver safety, with over 70% of collisions involving distracted drivers. Nauto complements Sprint vehicle fleet management solutions with an intelligent driver safety system, which leverages a dual-facing camera, computer vision, and proprietary algorithms to assess situational risk in real-time.

By using artificial intelligence (AI) on the device to evaluate both driver behavior and the external environment, Nauto ensures that drivers, and their fleet and safety managers get the right data at the right time. This includes the ability to detect distracted driving and put a stop to this risky behavior in real-time with automated in-cab notifications, as well as enable fleet management leaders to identify and coach high risk drivers with personalized safety insights. With these safety features, Sprint commercial fleet customers—who rely on Sprint’s fleet management and compliance solutions for real-time data—will have the added benefit of being able to improve driver behavior, increase fleet productivity, reduce at-fault collisions, and ensure the overall safety of their drivers at all times.

“We’re pleased to add Nauto’s safety capabilities to the Sprint vehicle fleet management and compliance solutions,” said Ivo Rook, Senior Vice President, IoT & Product Development for Sprint. “Sprint is committed to providing fleets of all sizes with the solutions they need to improve efficiency and enhance safety, wherever they are on the road. With driver safety being a top priority among our customers, having a dedicated safety solution that brings the latest AI technology to fleets will be a strong value-add to our growing Vehicle Solutions. With Nauto, our customers will be able to improve driver behavior and the safety of commercial fleets nationwide.”

“At Nauto, our mission is to make driving safer and smarter. Being a Sprint Business partner gives us a unique opportunity to build on these efforts by providing real-time distraction detection and coaching, and other safety enhancements to a broader customer base,” said Sanket Akerkar, Nauto’s Senior Vice President of Fleets and Insurance. “We look forward to working with the team at Sprint Business. Together, we bring a robust, customized solution that enables fleet management, operations, and safety leaders to be proactive about driver safety and ultimately prevent accidents.”

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