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Company Update

Welcoming our Newest Nauts: Ruslan Belkin, Alex Jaimes, Shweta Shrivastava & Newfel Harrat

We’re entering an exciting new phase at Nauto. In just over a year, we’ve surpassed our initial goal for reducing collisions and have helped reduce claims by over 35% in fleets insured by Atlas Financial. And earlier this month, we introduced our second offering, Nauto Prevent, to bring even more safety capabilities to commercial fleets and drivers. Now, in addition to notifying commercial fleet and safety managers when distraction occurs, we’re able to intervene with drivers in real-time to help stop collisions at the source: distracted driving. It’s still early days, but with the safety results we’ve seen so far, we’re one step closer toward helping commercial fleets get to zero collisions.

Today, we’re thrilled to share another key milestone: the addition of four executive hires across engineering, data science/artificial intelligence (AI), product, and systems. The newest members of our leadership team include: Ruslan Belkin, Chief Technology Officer; Alex Jaimes, Vice President of AI and Data Science; Shweta Shrivastava, Vice President of Product; and Newfel Harrat, Vice President of Systems. Let’s meet the newest Nauts:

Ruslan Belkin

Ruslan Belkin has played key technical and executive roles in driving companies from early stages through their most critical growth phases, including IPOs and acquisitions. He was an early employee at LinkedIn and has gone on to lead engineering teams at Twitter and Salesforce. Ruslan will oversee our technology organization as we continue to scale. “Nauto has done a great job developing the product, while staying true to the original company vision. I look forward to building on the company’s work and helping accelerate Nauto’s drive to become the leader of autonomous solutions of tomorrow.”

Alex Jaimes

Alex Jaimes will lead all things AI at Nauto, including deep learning, computer vision, machine learning, and data science to deepen our understanding of driver behavior and deliver the core functionality of some of our products. He has a strong heritage in these areas and more than fifteen years of international experience in research (Columbia University) and product impact at scale (Yahoo, Fuji Xerox, IBM, Siemens, and AT&T Bell Labs, to name a few). “Nauto is a unique company in its mission to improve driver safety, while building amazing AI technology that understands human behavior and extends human abilities. I’m excited to join Stefan and the rest of the Nauto team to expand our work in these areas.”

Shweta Shrivastava

Shweta Shrivastava will oversee our product and design as we expand and improve upon our fleet, insurance, and automotive offerings. She joins Nauto by way of Amazon Web Services, where she was head of product management. She brings extensive product management experience in managing mature product portfolios, as well as incubating new and emerging products and solutions. Prior to AWS, Shweta held various strategy and product management leadership roles at NetApp and Cisco, where she drove the productizing and launch of Cisco’s IoT platform for smart cities. “I was impressed by Nauto’s unique approach to enabling driver safety today and autonomous driving in the future. As a product leader, I’m particularly excited by the opportunity to work on technology that combines the power of AI, both at the edge and the cloud, to transform driving behavior and make our roads safer.”

Newfel Harrat

Newfel Harrat will run Nauto’s device software (hardware, firmware, and device software teams). As we introduce more safety products for fleet drivers, Newfel will ensure that we continue to maximize the potential of edge computing, which enables us to provide real-time distraction detection and automated alerts. He joins Nauto from Qualcomm, where he led the teams responsible for systems development, and before that, Intel, where he built and led the teams that developed and mass produced the first Intel branded phone. “With my son on the verge of driving age, I felt a personal connection to Nauto’s mission to make driving safer and smarter. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work on technology that has real-world impact.”

We look forward to drawing on the leadership and experience from our newest executive team members. Together, they will help us accelerate our efforts in distraction detection and overall driver safety, both for today and the future state of autonomy.

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